How-to Create an Online Fitness Memberships

Arnab Raychaudhuri

What is a paid online membership for fitness?

A paid online membership is a way for customers to get new workouts, participate in a community, get motivated, and build accountability. It's also a way for fitpros or gym owners to add another revenue stream.

Why create an online fitness membership?

  1. Add a revenue stream: An online membership program allows you to reach a wider audience and scale your business beyond what is possible with in-person coaching or classes.
  2. Build a community: A membership program can help build a sense of community among members who share similar goals and interests. This can create a supportive environment that fosters accountability, motivation, and progress.
  3. Provide value: A membership program allows you to provide value to your customers beyond a one-time transaction. Members receive ongoing access to content, services, and support that help them achieve their fitness goals.

What makes an online fitness membership valuable?

There's a ton of options for customers to workout digitally, but it's lonely online! The big guys like Nike or Peloton give gym-goers a ton of video workouts, but it's missing real human touch. That's where a community makes a huge difference.

Community makes an online membership extremely valuable, by offering people to connect and workout together. Online communities combined with in-person training makes workouts accessible and motivational.

What is an online fitness community?

An online fitness community is a group of people who come together virtually to share their fitness journey, provide support and encouragement, and exchange information related to fitness and wellness. Online fitness communities can provide several benefits, such as accountability, motivation, and inspiration for members to achieve their fitness goals. Members can share their progress, ask questions, and seek advice and guidance from other members who may have similar goals or experiences.

is a program that provides subscribers with access to exclusive fitness content, services, and support in exchange for a recurring fee. Memberships can be structured as monthly or yearly subscriptions, and typically offer ongoing access to fitness-related content, such as workout videos, nutrition advice, meal plans, coaching sessions, and community support.

Some online fitness communities are led by fitness professionals or coaches, who provide additional value to the community by offering personalized coaching, workout plans, meal plans, and other fitness-related content. These communities may be paid or free, and members may receive additional benefits such as access to exclusive content or one-on-one coaching sessions.

How to create an online Fitness Membership?

  1. Choose a platform: Decide which platform you want to use to host your membership program. Patreon or Kajabi and great options, or you can use Zomo Fit (built for fitness communities).
  2. Plan your content: What would add the most value for your customers? It's common to post at-home workout videos, nutrition, recipes, and motivation.
  3. Ask your existing customers to join: Explain to your customers the benefits of joining. Start small, perfect your content.
  4. Develop a community: Encourage members to interact with each other and provide feedback on their progress. This will create a sense of community and support, which is important for long-term success.

In summary, creating an online community with memberships is a great way to keep customer motivated and accountable. Memberships are also a great way for gyms to add a revenue stream.

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