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Livestream your fitness classes with ease

You can make fitness website in a few ways: 1. Use Zoom and invite your customers with a customer link and figure out payments 2. Use enterprise live-streaming tech like Screen with a professional DSLR camera setup 3. Use the Zomo Fit app to instantly livestream to up to 100,000 customers directly on your webpage
We know how difficult it is to share a custom Zoom join link or attach payments to your live classes. So we built the Zomo Fit app to simplfy live fitness classes with amazing results. Best of all, you run classes directly from your favorite iOS or Android device.

How to livestream your fitness classes

Download and setup the Zomo app

Add your studio info and create your easy link. If you're charging make sure to connect your bank.

Schedule or instantly livestream

Scheduling a class to start a paid class, or start an instant livestream.

Share link with customers

Your website is shown at the top of the app "".
Customers use the link to purchase and join classes.

Livestream on your webpage

Livestream in HD directly to your webpage. Customers join on a browser with any device.

Built for fitness

2x video quality of Zoom, and full control of the class experience.

See Bianca's experience @burnfittribe

Seamlessly generate money

Instantly, use live recording and community to share your videos to your paid members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a fitness website?

You can make fitness website in a few ways: 1. Hire a web developer 2. Use a website builder or create code on your computer 3. Use your phone auto-generate a website (using our app)
We know how painful it is to create and maintain your site with Squarespace and Wix. So we've come to the rescue. With the Zomo Fit app you can create a website and add subscriptions from the a super-easy to use mobile app. Best of all, you can make real-time changes to your website without the help of a web developer!

How do I edit my website?

Download and use the Zomo Fit app on your iOS/ Android device. Tap the "My Site" tab on the bottom right. Edit text and images.

How can I connect my existing website to Zomo Fit?

Customer want simplicity and ease of use, so we recommend keeping your website super simple and use the Zomo Fit site.
If you'd like to connect your Zomo Fit services to your website, simply your personlized link "" and use it as a link on your site.

How much does it cost?

The website feature is free use! To use additional features such as livestreaming check out our pricing page.

What They Say About Zomo Fit

I have had this app since fall of 2021 and I can't believe the tremendous growth and improvements that have been made since then. The features keep expanding and improving. The sound is fantastic for picking up both the instructors voice and the music for a perfect syncing and clear music that does not fade in and out. For a fitness streaming platform I could not be happier with this app. If you have any issue email support to give feedback and it will likely be fixed before you know it. This is a growing app and I am happy to support a company who has a focus on fitness instructors and our needs!

- Bianca (BurnFit Tribe)

Good ux & ui that make it super easy to run virtual workout classes. Highly recommended!

- Sammie L.

More than fitness websites

With Zomo Fit you can do a lot more than making a website. Zomo Fit includes live streaming, subscriptions, and courses.

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